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What we offer

Personal Training

Personal training at The Hampton Health & Fitness Club is about more than just making sure you work up a sweat. We take a very scientific approach to ensure that your goals are not only reached but are then maintained.

Starting with a comprehensive Health MOT your personal trainer will firstly analyze your health & fitness goals with you and then together you will work out a plan moving forward to ensure that these goals are met.

We aim to both motivate and educate, providing you with the tools you need to make the right lifestyle choices, helping you to reach your targets quickly and effectively whilst making it fun at the same time.

Whatever your age, fitness level or goals, personal training at The Hampton Health & Fitness Club is for everybody. All sessions are tailored to suit and you can even choose between 30 & 60 minute sessions.


The Hampton Health & Fitness Club assists the community and its members through top class physiotherapy delivered in the club’s specially designed Therapy Suite. If you have an injury, illness or disability, through movement and manual therapy we will work with you to overcome your concerns.

The practice aims to provide prompt treatment and appointments normally within 48 hours, but often less than this depending on physio availability.

Your first physiotherapy session will involve us taking a detailed and comprehensive assessment of your condition. We will then discuss our findings with you and develop a treatment plan especially for you.

As we follow a hands-on approach to physiotherapy, further treatment sessions may then include massage, mobilisation techniques or stretching.

What makes physiotherapy unique at The Hampton Health & Fitness Club is access to state of the art strengthening and stability equipment. During your appointment you will not be simply confined to the couch as in most practices.


Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practised in the world. It has been practiced in China for thousands of years and has provided effective relief for millions of people throughout the ages. Based on healing the body as a whole, acupuncture dramatically improves the circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients, and what the Chinese call Qi or vital energy, throughout the body. Acupuncture treats a wide range of disorders, such as: Neck & Shoulder pain, Back pain, Tennis elbow, Arthritis, Headaches, Migraines, Allergies, Heartburn, Fatigue, Insomnia, Digestive disorders, IBS, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Weight loss, and helps to stop smoking.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is aimed at improving circulation, eliminating the build up of lactic acids and preventing accumulated muscle tightness from training or repetitive strains at work. It is beneficial for people who have active lifestyles and are looking to maintain an active lifestyle, while reducing future injury.

Aids: Muscle recovery, injury prevention, muscle tension.

For many people regular sports massage is an integral part of the routine for any person serious about performance related exercise or for those who suffer with persistent muscular tension.

GP Exercise Referral

DocSpot/Active For Life has been operating at tThe Hampton Health & Fitness Club since January 2011 and is supported by both Solihull and Coventry Councils. The Hampton Health & Fitness Club’s provision of DocSpot/Active For Life is unique in the area; when you join you will spend time with a qualified coach who will get to know you and assess your medical condition and any medication you take. Once this is done you will be provided with a unique Activity Plan and Nutrition Programme (if necessary) suited just for you.

You will have a nominated coach for the duration of your program and access with The Hampton Health & Fitness Club’s doctor on a weekly basis.

The Hampton Health & Fitness Club DocSpot community enjoys brilliant results including positive weight loss statistics, endurance improvements for those with COPD and stable angina, impressive mobility gains for those suffering with Strokes, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and arthritic conditions.

If you have been referred by your doctor already or think you have an issue that might include you in this program please contact us and we will be happy to chat through any queries you might have.