Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

At The Hampton Health & Fitness Club we provide a comprehensive range of classes suitable for all fitness levels. Choose from early morning energy boosters to late evening relaxation, we have classes on throughout the day at a time that suits everyone.

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Our studio timetable includes the following classes, click on the link for a full description.


An energy filled workout, broken down into easy to follow moves. A high/low impact class that is fun, energetic and will be sure to get your body moving.

Beginner’s Circuits

Beginners Circuit training is a class with multiple exercise stations focusing on specific muscle areas and components of fitness to give you an all over calorie busting workout. This class in particular is ideal for those of you who may be new to circuits or want to try it out for the first time.

Body Conditioning

This class consists of an energetic workout designed to improve your CV fitness and body shape by using a variety of equipment and circuit training. An ideal class if you like a challenge, or to workout with others.


Boxing related training is proven as one of the best fitness, toning and calorie burning classes around. Let our highly skilled instructor really boost your workout and take your training to the next level. Get ready to sweat!


This fun workout, although based on the martial art of kickboxing, has been adapted to include Pilates, core work and body conditioning exercises as well to give a varied overall non choreographed fitness class.

Circuits Mayhem

Increase your metabolism and boost your fitness levels with this all over workout. Complete a structured and varied set of timed exercises all designed to maximize your workout and help you achieve your fitness goals.


What’s more, the beauty suite at The Hampton Health & Fitness Club is open to all, members and non-members alike, so you can treat yourself or your friends or family to a little indulgence.

Group Kettlebells

Russian kettlebell training is for all levels and abilities. For decades kettlebell routines have been documented as one of the best all round exercises for weight loss, toning and metabolism building. Come and take part in this fun and rewarding group session.

Gym Ball Heaven

Our Gym Ball classes focus on all group muscles, mixing cardio and strength. The classes offer a variety of exercises to challenge the varying abilities. Don’t worry if you are new to using a gym ball - instructors provide suitable alternatives of the different exercises throughout this session for those of a beginner/intermediate/advanced level.

Pure Stretch

Pure Stretch is a fun approach to flexibility and core strength that will lengthen and strengthen the entire body through a series of balanced choreographed movements, suitable for everybody to enjoy.


A series of controlled movements that engage the mind and body in developing strong flexible muscles without adding bulk. Emphasis is placed on developing deep torso strength and flexibility to ensure proper posture and reduce risk of injury. A cross between Tai Chi and Yoga.

Spinning & Abs

This is exactly how it sounds. We will focus on short, sharp, high intensity intervals on the spin bike to get your heart rate high and burn those calories. We then concentrate purely on your abdominal muscles in interval styles. Working your core muscles and introducing high intensity cardiovascular exercise is the perfect way to lose the wobbly bits.


Spinning is a low impact, high intensity workout and is great for all levels of fitness. Spinning has a vast range of benefits burning 800+ calories per class, toning muscles, helping to lose inches, relieve stress, improve overall strength and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Total Toning

The ultimate workout to suit all levels of fitness. This class combines cardiovascular and strength exercises to improve your fitness and is a great way to burn calories.


Experience mind and body connection through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. A Yoga class can help reduce stress levels and improve overall health.

8 Stage Calorie Burn

Push yourself that little bit further with a class that consists of exercise stations that target specific muscle groups and improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

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Terms and conditions apply. Please note, classes are subject to availability and may be changed or cancelled.